A New Home for Hesmondhalgh Sculpture

In 2017 after a long twelve years of waiting and searching, Brendan finally secured the purchase of Holmbridge Mill, a 24,000sqft  former textile mill at the foot of the Pennines in Holmbridge. The mill is of Yorkshire stone construction and has traditional north lights. It’s the perfect venue for creative spaces as it has 78 large windows providing lots of natural light.

The last 12 months has seen the development of the ground floor, which is host to 13 large sculpture studios. Some of the largest individual creative studios in the UK.

The Mill is now secured for the foreseeable future as a place to “Make” and “Learn” and will be home to over 30 individual creative studios, some residents some visiting (including a new sculpture studio for Brendan), shared studios, a purpose built education space, and a pop up exhibition space of 2000sqft.

The project has demanded a lot of Brendan’s time this year, but has been well worth the efforts so far, and he is now back happily sculpting!

The Mill will be host to a joint exhibition in October 2018 of Brendan’s new sculptures and drawings alongside the sculpture of James Oughtibridge, a fellow resident artist at Holmbridge Mill. This will be the first time Brendan has had an exhibition at home.

Brendan will always have a collection of work for sale at his new studio and also house a permanent collection of his sculpture. 

He will host his exclusive short courses (for those that wish to learn) at his own school here within the mill.