Brendan Hesmondhalgh is a Yorkshire based sculptor who works primarily in clay, wax and bronze.

Brendan Hesmondhalgh is a British contemporary figurative sculptor, best known for his unique handmade ceramic and bronze sculptures of animals. Using slabs of clay or sculptural wax, Hesmondhalgh wraps, layers and controls the medium to create one-off pieces that capture elements of character, form and movement of each individual creature.  His work has developed in style and across a series of exploratory themes since leaving Edinburgh College of Art in 1996.

Capturing the dynamic nature of his subject, and focusing upon structure, movement and character Hesmondhalgh creates sculptural works that encapsulate and embodies the essence and spirit in inimitable style. Using sculptural surfaces like that of a canvas, directional and textural marks are included to enhance each form. Sculptures vary in stature with limited edition miniature collections produced through to those with monumental dimensions. Figures stand-alone or as part of a group.

Hesmondhalgh creates work for private clients, galleries and collectors and regularly exhibits work at large annual events such as the Chelsea Flower Show, selling work both within the United Kingdom and internationally.

Brendan Hesmondhalgh offers a number of popular master class workshops to those individuals who wish to develop their sculptural knowledge and skills, suitable for both experienced and beginner practitioners. Many join Brendan’s workshops annually, encouraged and enthused by the tuition offered and in their own skills.

Founding the Sculpture Lounge Studios in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire in 2004, Brendan Hesmondhalgh’s objective was to build a creative working environment in which art practitioners could work side-by-side, to collaborate and inspire. This he and his fellow artists have achieved.


Brendan Hesmondhalgh was born in Lancashire, England in 1973. Working in clay for the first time at sixth form he selected to study ceramics at degree level. After a short time in North Wales, Hesmondhalgh transferred to a sculptural ceramic course at Edinburgh College of Art in 1994.

After 18 months as an artist in residence at Drumcroon Arts Centre where Hesmondhalgh worked with children in art workshops and developed his own work for galleries and commission, he then pursued his freelance career after a move to Yorkshire in 1998. In his early work he illustrated animals in both two and three dimensions and enjoyed the freedom of expressing his ideas on a life-size scale.

Hesmondhalgh began working on monumental pieces after gaining a number of public art commissions. In some of these sculptures he experimented with animals on plinths and geometric bases which intensified the creature’s stature and allows for a greater contrast. The surface remains a focused element that he continues to develop. Adding colour, directional and textural marks

Hesmondhalgh has established a distinctive style that is notably recognised and collected worldwide.

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